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To Visit Us, Please fill out the Questionaire in detail and Submit it.


FAQ How to Visit The Temple of The Lord's Church

What is the procedure for visiting The Temple Of The Lord's Church?

If you would like to visit The Temple Of The Lord's Church, simply go to the Questionnaire,fill it out in detail and submit it.

Make sure your complete details are included. Please note, you must wait to receive confirmation of your visit from us before making any travel arrangements/ flight bookings.

*All communication with The Temple Of The Lord's Church should be through the following email address: "".

Please note that any form of smoking or alcohol consumption is prohibited in the church premises.

Will I need a Visa?

Yes. Unless you live in Central Africa, you will need a visa to enter Cameroon.

Visa applications are made through the Cameroonian Embassy/ High Commission in your country and it is normally a simple procedure.

We will send you an invitation letter which you will present to the embassy with your application form, passport, passport photo, and the prescribed fee.

Please contact us if you need more information.

How will I get to the church?

Once you have confirmed your flight arrival times with us, we will arrange for church representatives to meet you at the airport and escort you to the church premises.

What are the arrangements for food and accommodation?

The church has many rooms available for international visitors to stay.

The accommodation ranges from dormitories to family rooms to private rooms – all with en- suite hot showers, toilets and air conditioning.

There is a special dining room for international visitors where three full meals are served a day.

Extra drinks, snacks, and toiletries are also all available for purchase at the shop on the church premises.

How long do visitors stay?

Our international visitors normally book their visa according to how long they intend to stay in THE TEMPLE OF THE LORD'S CHURCH.

During this time, you will have the opportunity to visit the Faith Resort Ground, attend the various services at the church premises, watch faith-building videos, listen to life-changing testimonies, receive lectures from the man of God, Prophet A. Boris and much more all as the Holy Spirit directs.

What is the climate like in Douala, Cameroon and what clothes will I need to take?

Douala is hot, (high 20°C to low 30°C) all year round with high humidity.

For this reason, we recommend that you bring loose, cool and comfortable clothing.

Is it safe to visit The Temple Of The Lord's Church in Douala, Cameroon?

Yes, we take special care of all our international visitors.

They are met at the airport by authorized church personnel and are then escorted to the church which is located in Bonaberi, Douala.

The accommodation is on the church premises and visitors do not leave during their stay unless they are taken to the off-site prayer retreat center.

Guided by the Holy Spirit, Prophet A. Boris developed the Faith Resort Ground (known as the ‘Prayer Mountain’) with its many beautiful waterways, islands, prayer huts, beaches, prayer grounds and Biblical statues.

There you will encounter prayer warriors who pray for the ministry, the nations and for partners throughout the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week in accordance with I Thessalonians 5:16.

Man’s greatest privilege is to enjoy God’s presence; the Faith Resort Ground is quiet place to meet with God in prayer (Mark 6:31).

Can I email or phone home?

Yes, full internet and telephone facilities are available.

Cash payments only (US Dollar, Pound Sterling, and Euro) are accepted.

What would you like to know?

Sunday Service

Service: 7:00 am - 3 pm ***Praise, Worship, Testimony, THE WORD, PROPHECIES, GENERAL PRAYER, PRAYER LINE.***

For Prayer-Line Registration come 30 minutes to start of Service.